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Position Paper Version 2 (June 29, 2020)
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“A lot of what is published is incorrect…Why the paranoid concern for secrecy and non-attribution? Because this symposium—on the reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research, held at the Wellcome Trust in London last week—touched on one of the most sensitive issues in science today: the idea that something has gone fundamentally wrong with one of our greatest human creations.The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. ” 

— Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet The Lancet April 11th, 2015 [1]

On March 5, 2020 Governor Ige declared a “State of Emergency” in response to what appeared to be a threat of massive loss of life by way of a novel coronavirus. This coronavirus is being called SARS-CoV-2 and it is the cause of the disease known as COVID-19. The unscientific and previously unsupported proposition of complete lockdown of society for the healthy as well as the sick was determined to be the best practice to slow the spread of the disease and to not overwhelm our healthcare facilities. [2]  This was also referred to as “flattening the curve.” What we have since learned is that this decision to isolate healthy individuals and bring the economy to a screeching halt in the process was made based on exaggerated faulty models that were in fact later retracted. [3] It was born out of nothing more than fear based speculation and the truth is there was never even a curve to begin with! 

What we have uncovered is a staggering amount of evidence to prove that the use of inaccurate testing along with deceptive policies concerning diagnosis and death statistics, as ordered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), The World Health Organization (WHO) and The U.S. Health Statistics Agency has resulted in an inflation in the number of overall cases as well as recorded deaths. [4]

It’s extremely troubling that data upon which life-and-death decisions are being made is inaccurate and methodologically flawed. Both the US health statistics agency and the World Health Organization have announced that the certification of “deaths by COVID-19” requires zero proof that the virus is the underlying cause of death. As a result, the official death statistics attributed to COVID-19 do not require cases to be positively confirmed through virus testing. Merely “suspected” cases of COVID- 19 are being included in the official numbers. [5] In addition to this disturbing discovery we have also learned that the method of testing for COVID-19 has allowed for serious inaccuracy in determining “confirmed cases”. Concerning the use of PCR testing, the CDC has revealed that, “Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.”[6] This means a positive test doesn’t guarantee that the COVID-19 virus is causing infection at all and the virus might not be in the patient’s body whatsoever. The WHO has also told us that, “Some assays may detect only the novel virus [COVID] and some may also detect other strains (e.g. SARS-CoV) that are genetically similar.” [7] This means some PCR tests register positive for types of coronavirus that have nothing to do with COVID-19 — including plain old coronas that cause nothing more than a cold.

In addition to that many of the hospitals where the most COVID-19 deaths were recorded also happen to be public hospitals where most patients are on government issued insurance plans such as Medicare. It has been reported that nearly every hospital throughout America has been practically EMPTY since this all began, being that all elective surgeries have been cancelled and many that would have normally come in for various reasons were either told they could not or were too afraid. This has led to many healthcare workers being laid off and a major loss in revenue for hospitals. [8] However, Medicare has reportedly been offering a $13,000 payout for every patient diagnosed with COVID-19 and $39,000 for each patient diagnosed and put on a ventilator. This would suggest a financial incentive to diagnose and treat regardless of the fact that these people being put on a ventilator are very likely to die because of the ventilator. [9] Several nurses who have since quit their job have come forward to expose the truth that many of these hospitals are in fact murdering people.[10] Patients are being placed on ventilators when under any other circumstances no skilled medical professional would agree it to be necessary nor advisable. 

“It is fair to say that things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world.” Bill Gates

There is no reason why we ought to continue on this path of irrational fear which has created tunnel vision towards a seemingly singular solution of a vaccine when there are factors such as prevention, natural immunity and alternative therapies available. Hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment, combined with Azithromycin and Zinc Sulfate, continues to be suppressed and shunned, even though thousands have recovered with the administration of this protocol at the early onset of symptoms. In a large French study of 1061 people, 91.7% had favorable results with the early administration of the Hydroxychloroquine treatment regimen. [11] The Lancet study claiming the Hydroxychloroquine treatment regimen was dangerous was just retracted after hundreds of doctors and scientists sounded the alarm in defense of its safety and effectiveness. [12] Recently the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) sued the FDA over hydroxychloroquine restrictions. [13] So, the glaring question here is: why are we sacrificing so many other aspects of life just to avoid the spread of a virus that can be easily treated? Trying to impede the spread of a virus actually interferes with the development of natural herd immunity according to many esteemed epidemiologists such as Professor Knut Wittkowski. [14]

According to current data from the best-studied countries and regions, including reports from the CDC, the overall lethality of COVID-19 is now estimated at about .07-.26%. [15] COVID-19 is far less deadly than originally predicted, with the risk of death for adults, “roughly equivalent to the risk of death from driving a car.” [16]

In California, serology studies were conducted to determine how many people have already been infected with the COVID-19 and the estimates shed new light on the true severity of this virus. A survey done in Silicon Valley has proven that the true number of coronavirus infections appear to be 50 to 85 times higher than the number of reported cases. [17] According to Dr. Ioannidis, who helped oversee the study, the infection fatality rate of COVID-19 is likely to be “in the same ballpark as seasonal influenza.” [18] Another study by Dr. Justin Silverman estimates that there were 8.7 million coronavirus infections in the U.S. between March 8 and March 28.[19] All of these studies confirm the reality that COVID-19 is nowhere near as deadly as once believed and adds further credence to the statement written by Dr. Anthony Fauci himself, in the New England Journal of medicine, where he claimed that “…the overall clinical consequences of COVID-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)” [20]

As “experts” predict another “wave” this fall we continue to be deluged with the fear mongering proposition that perfectly healthy individuals have suddenly become a threat to others simply because they are breathing. This notion of danger from asymptomatic carriers is nothing more than an inaccurate fallacy. A Chinese study found that asymptomatic carriers in general may not be sources of contagion. Specifically, it concluded the following regarding infectivity of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers: “In summary, all the 455 contacts were excluded from SARS-CoV-2 infection and we conclude that the infectivity of some asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers might be weak.” [21]

The introduction of “social distancing” and the required use by everyone of face coverings was initially implemented as a temporary measure to “flatten the curve” thereby reducing the strain on our healthcare facilities. The “curve” was flattened a long time ago and here we are over 3 months later, still being subjected to these dehumanizing, restrictive and unnecessary mandates. There is no scientific proof to back any claims that maintaining a distance of 6 ft prevents the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and it is well known to virologists and medical professionals that a cloth face mask does not prevent the transmission of airborne viral particles, nor will it keep the wearer from becoming ill. [22] Results from a random controlled trial published in the British Medical Journal, caution against the use of cloth masks finding that: “Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97%” and “moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks, and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection.”[23]  According to the WHO, the main modes of transmission of the COVID-19 virus are direct contact with an infected individual and droplets produced when coughing or sneezing. [24] The CDC and a leading German virologist, both concur there is no evidence of the virus spreading through aerosols (i.e. tiny particles floating in the air). [25]

On June 10th 2020 Governor Ige issued his 9th Supplementary Proclamation to the Emergency Order where he has extended the 14 day mandatory quarantine for mainland visitors through the end of July. Inter island travel for residents will resume without the demand for a 14 day quarantine beginning June 16th, however everyone attempting to board an airplane in or out of the islands will be subjected to temperature checks in addition to mandatory cooperation in contact tracing efforts by completing a “passenger verification” form. Our right to bodily autonomy, to privacy (concerning our destination and those we intend to visit) and our basic human right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are all violated in this plan.

As we move into this reopening of our islands in “phases” the proposed plan to allow for visitors to come back to the islands while maintaining control over the virus is being called the “Travel With Aloha” program. [26] This initiative is completely devoid of anything close to Aloha and not only is it in violation of Hawai’i Revised Statutes Chapter 5-7.5 which is also known as the “Aloha Spirit Law”, it is also a blatant trespass upon our constitutional right to freely travel. [27] The idea is to allow visitors in without the need for quarantine by demanding they are tested for COVID-19 at least 3 days prior to arrival. The problem with this is not only the invasion of privacy and being treated as guilty (infected) until proven innocent, but also the very serious lack of accuracy in your test result. The recently approved use of antigen testing the State of Hawaii intends to implement is perhaps even more faulty than the PCR testing. [28] Antigen testing detects only certain proteins that are part of the virus, so again we find that a positive result could in fact be due to the presence of RNA strands from any other number of coronaviruses. The bottom line is SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated in a lab fulfilling Koch’s Postulates, therefore there is NO GOLD STANDARD for comparison. [29] This fact also creates a very serious problem with the validity behind the creation of a vaccine. How can you develop antibodies for a virus which has never been isolated?

We find ourselves in a place now where leading health officials have convinced the public that the only way out of this supposed danger of infection is to Test, Reach and Contact Everyone (TRACE Act HR 6666 Bill) until of course we can vaccinate the entire planet – which is absolutely absurd. [30] A population that is gripped by fear is incapable of rational thought and sadly many fail to see the absurdity and instead blindly trust that whatever their government officials are proposing absolutely must be in their best interest. 

Through compartmentalization it is very easy to have many participants acting in a manner which they truly believe is benevolent or at the very least harmless, with them never having cognizance of their role within the deception. We have become a society so well trained to respect authority and follow orders without question that we fail to see the machine created through our obedience and groupthink.

The contact tracing efforts have already begun. Google and Apple have created APIs that enable interoperability between Android and iOS devices to be used with contact tracing apps. [31] Whether you have an app installed or not, your cell phone is communicating through bluetooth with other phones you get close to and downloading random ID numbers that can later be used to notify individuals that may have come in contact with a person who is found positive and reports it to public health officials. Your location setting must be on as well as bluetooth for communications between devices. Google claims that the tracing is entirely voluntary and is dependent upon the user downloading the appropriate app, however, they also claim that they intend to introduce this capability at the operating system level which would not even require an app to be downloaded. [32] In other words, if you agree to the terms of service through Google or Apple, you automatically agree to being tracked. 

We already see this kind of tracking and medical tyranny happening in other countries such as communist China, where they now have a social credit score system. [33] Individuals in China are not allowed to travel freely without being monitored through facial recognition on every corner. They must have a valid health card, which proves they are not sick, in order to use public transportation and enter buildings. Now Governor Ige tells us that facial recognition cameras are to be installed along with thermal scanners by the end of this year.[34] All of this is very reminiscent of post 9/11 days where the people begged for their liberties to be taken in exchange for protection from “terrorists”.[35] We are in the same place now only the terrorist is YOU.   

Hawai’i, now facing the task of reopening our schools, is considering recommendations put forth by the CDC to create a “new normal” campus life. Many parents however are expressing grave concerns over such unhealthy and dehumanizing measures as hybrid learning, prolonged mask wearing, physical distancing, excessive sanitation, and replacing field trips, student assemblies, special performances, school-wide parent meetings, and spirit nights, with as many “virtual events” as possible… not to mention a loss of sports. This notion of a “new normal” is not necessary for our schools as recent, worldwide data evaluation is revealing that children are neither extremely susceptible to severe outcome from SARS-CoV-2 infection, nor are they the asymptomatic “super-spreaders” as once thought.[36],[37] Implementation of these guidelines will not only injure more children than the COVID-19 virus itself, but will also undoubtedly create great financial, logistical, and emotional challenges for both schools and families alike. 

We have spent the last several months working tirelessly, researching every angle of this “event” (or “live exercise” as Mike Pompeo called it) to uncover the truth while educating the community and inspiring others to join us in this fight to restore our constitutional and God-given, inherent and unalienable rights. We have created the Non-Profit Corporation “For Our Rights” as we intend to continue this fight against government corruption for as long as we must. We are fully self supporting through donations and are not affiliated with any political party. We stand for unity, truth and justice for ALL. Mahalo for your support!  



Walk For Our Rights Kaua’i Position Paper – April 29, 2020 (Version 1)
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“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor security, and will lose both.” -Benjamin Franklin

After enduring over a month of isolation we find ourselves in a place where we must question whether the current emergency orders issued by Governor Ige and Mayor Kawakami, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, are still in the best interest of the people of Hawai’i, and in particular Kaua’i. When a simple hug from a friend or sitting on the beach becomes a crime it is time to question what is truly going on here. When it is widely known that UV rays kill viruses, yet sunbathing is against the rules we have to question why prevention is completely overlooked. Medical studies show the importance of vitamin D (from sunshine) in stopping the infectivity of flu-like diseases. Other studies also show the importance of social interaction and touch to human health and development. Whatever good intentions may have initially prompted the lockdown and the “quarantine” of healthy people, medical studies prove no scientific basis for such measures.

When one business is allowed to operate while another is forbidden one has to ask if logic plays any part in this decision. You can gather at Costco with hundreds of other people but gathering at your place of worship is out of the question. The lack of conformity in regulations is absurd and discriminatory. Combine this with the devastation to our economy and the continued suffering it will produce; it becomes quite clear that the supposed remedy, in fact, has become far worse than the virus itself.

There is no conclusive evidence that the “Stay at Home” order has had any impact on the number of cases for the island. International news that reports on the success of Taiwan and Sweden show that their policy of an open economy (no lockdown) has resulted in very low death numbers, whereas many others, such as Belgium and the USA, have seen very high death numbers in the face of lockdown mandates. The initial projections for expected death rates which ushered in this mitigation tactic were later retracted and we find it extremely troubling that data upon which life-and-death decisions are being made is inaccurate and methodologically flawed. Both the US health statistics agency and the World Health Organization have announced that the certification of “deaths by COVID-19” requires zero proof that the virus is the cause of death. As a result, the official death statistics attributed to COVID-19 do not require cases to be positively confirmed through virus testing. Merely “suspected” cases of COVID-19 are being included in the official numbers.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading health authority in the U.S., in an article published on February 28, 2020 stated “…the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%).” More recent serology studies done in Germany, the Netherlands and in California all confirm Dr.Fauci’s findings. Recent California studies show that far more people have been exposed to and recovered from Covid-19 than was ever reported, which drives the mortality rate down. In fact, the California Studies indicate the mortality rate to be closer to 0.03%, much LESS than the seasonal flu.

It is extremely important to note that there is a safe and effective therapeutic (healing) protocol being used by many doctors which includes Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc Sulfate. The first clinical study that showed that chloroquine is an effective therapy for treating Covid-19 is dated as far back as August 22, 2005. Recent clinical studies show the above-mentioned protocol using hydroxychloroquine is 100% effective for all patients when administered in a timely manner. Yet, Dr. Anthony Fauci has refused to order doctors to use the protocol even though it has been proven to work both clinically as well as in the treatment of thousands of actual patients within the U.S. since February of this year.

Following the example of Taiwan, Sweden, and other countries, the United States would do well to support the scientific principle of building herd immunity. In other words, as people become exposed to the virus in their everyday lives, they build an immunity that ultimately reaches a collective point where the Coronavirus is no longer a threat to the population. Let’s remember the fact that our immune system is an amazing function of the body that has been protecting us from the threat of viruses since the day we were born and in this current Covid-19 crisis, generating herd immunity makes perfect sense. This is a sound reason for lifting the lockdown.

Officials, such as Dr. Fauci, have allowed their unsound models of the death rate in the U.S. to outweigh the tangible damage being done to our community. The impact of these lockdown restrictions is causing widespread injury and damage – throwing people into destitution, putting families below the poverty line and destroying small businesses that may never come back. Scientific and sociological studies show this kind of harsh lockdown leads to increases in domestic violence, child abuse, depression, alcoholism, hard drug use and suicides. This Covid-19 “emergency” cannot be medically or legally justified! Through misinformation and fear mongering, the general population has been frightened into giving up their RIGHTS, our personal property and our freedoms. The U.S. States Constitution of America can never be thrown to the wayside in the midst of this so-called emergency. It is the 230-year-old legal bedrock of this nation and it is the birthright of every human being on Kaua’i to be free to pursue a life of liberty guaranteed to them through unalienable, God-given rights.

We will be holding regular demonstrations every Friday at 11am at the Historic County Building in Lihue until the illegal lockdown is lifted.

Supporters may join our Facebook Group: Walk For Our Rights Kaua’i. You can message us there or individually if you have questions.

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